1. a late time of life (Freq. 19)

old age is not for sissies


he's showing his years


age hasn't slowed him down at all


a beard white with eld


on the brink of geezerhood

Syn: ↑old age, ↑age, ↑eld, ↑geezerhood
Derivationally related forms: ↑geezer (for: ↑geezerhood), ↑age (for: ↑age)
Hypernyms: ↑time of life
Hyponyms: ↑dotage, ↑second childhood, ↑senility
Part Meronyms:
2. a prolonged period of time (Freq. 6)

we've known each other for ages


I haven't been there for years and years

Syn: ↑long time, ↑age
Hypernyms: ↑time period, ↑period of time, ↑period
Hyponyms: ↑month of Sundays, ↑eon, ↑aeon, ↑blue moon, ↑year dot
3. the time during which someone's life continues

the monarch's last days


in his final years

Syn: ↑days
Hypernyms: ↑life

* * *

plural of year

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